You Are My secret Door

Simplicity in details is perfect. There is nothing redundant and ostentatious in it. The entire image can’t be broken by any tiny element. It is complete and splendid. It is filled with harmony. It resonates with you.

Simplicity in a person is attractive. Simplicity is the most evident feature, revealing the depth of a human nature. There are endless horizons of the oceans, boundless fields and the sky touching the stars behind it. You can see one more universe with its own space inside. The only thing you strive for is to dive deep down and learn about previously unknown world.

Simplicity in relations is sincere. It comes from the very depth of the soul. There is no need in additional explanations or talks. Sometimes even one word or a glance is enough to get it. The culmination of such simplicity is closeness, soul consonance and mutual understanding.

Any simplicity is genuine. Everything must be simple.  

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