You Are My Ocean

Do you remember that curious wind coming from the sea cradle playing with your hair?  It was me. Gently covered you up with my warmth, cherished your tender figure and left salty aftertaste on your lips.


Do you remember those mountains surrounded you as if they were giants protecting you from high heaven and its loud breathing? It was also me. I opened the door of your infinite soul keeping the sun and the stars in its depth.

Do you remember those lavender fields reflecting purple shine in your deep eyes? It was also me. Tempting scent of exotic flower selflessly swayed you in a dance, slightly lifting off the ground and hovering in the air, saturated with love and care.


Do you remember, someone had turned on the silence and you could hardly hear the whisper of endless sea waves? It was also me. I worshiped your bewitching beauty and charming smile. I crashed the waves on the shore rocks, trying to catch at least a little of your attention.


Do you remember the gloomy sky spying on you, flirting and trying to guess your wishes? It was also me. I caught every look, enjoying the moment, adored you ‒ my universe.


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